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San Francisco in a weekend

My husband and I are just back from a trip to San Francisco for the weekend. We tooled around town on foot, and I finally got to see Alcatraz. I’ve been to SF multiple times but somehow Alcatraz never made the list before this trip. We loved every minute but I was really glad to get home as I’d originally flown down for a week of work training.

I love these company sponsored trips, they’re a huge opportunity to get a great discounted vacation when the site is interesting and we have enough vacation fund saved up. I’ve been places I never thought I’d see, but I skip the business trips to Boise or Washington D.C. as they’re just not up my alley. Luckily Greece, Hawaii and SF have all been in reach and a blast.

I highly recommend Alcatraz in the spring. The only thing we missed seeing was the agave trail – sadly it was out of service for the season.




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