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Accidental anti-feminists

This afternoon I was sitting in the waiting room, patiently waiting for my first massage therapy in months, trapped with a couple of young women receptionists. A small package containing a new belt for a printer arrived and sent the women into a downward spiral of doom. Immediately upon figuring out what was in the box, the declarations ineptitude started.

“Can you imagine a girl changing a printer belt?”

This made me so sad and angry. Why on earth couldn’t a WOMAN change a printer belt? How hard could it possibly be? Why not even try? I bet there’s even a You Tube video showing how to do it.1

The self-limitation in two twenty-somethings made me despair for the women of the future. I was half tempted to do the work for them, just to prove I could. As a woman in technology, this is a very sore point for me, especially since I’m better at my job than many of the men who do similar work. But I also know that some of those lessons in self-reliance need to come out of hardship to really be absorbed. Hopefully it doesn’t come for those girls in the form of a blown tire in a no cell reception area.

  1. Holy cow, there are more than 7 pages of search results for that. And it looks like all you need are small hands and a screwdriver. []
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Now, it wouldn't have bothered me nearly so much if they had said something that implied personal preference in any way. Or even objected to getting toner on their clothes. Choosing to do, or not do, something is perfectly fine. In fact, feminism to me is allowing both genders to make those choices for ALL activities and not automatically exclude on based on what's proper for them to like. </p>

Dumbing women down, especially in traditionally male spaces, is exactly what I see coming out of the anti-feminist movement. Peer pressure for women to be dumb is just helping them along.

If my daughter was there she'd have offered to fix it for them, just to see what was inside the printer :-)

Of course she would! That girl is wonderful.

face - palm. Seriously...what limited imaginations if they can't think of a woman doing such a simple (but as noted...potentially dirty) task.

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