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Promising early signs

Gardening in this area isn’t exactly a frugal effort. The season is short and there aren’t really enough clear days to get the explosive growth that gives Alaska its summer bounty. It is, however, much cheaper than therapy.

I spent some time out in the yard, thinking and pulling weeds, this evening. The thinking was on great subjects of import – which weeds look temptingly like volunteer squash or greens, how much to bet on them actually being volunteers, when to put in tomato plants. All very weighty matters that were perfect for cleansing my brain of work.

I also managed to make two discoveries while out there. The first is that the peas I planted are starting to come up. The second is that the cat makes a lot of noise when she wants to be chased around the yard. As I couldn’t get video of the cat running while I was also running, all you get is a line of pea starts. Sorry.


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