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I'm just recently back from vacation and having a terrible time adjusting to being back in the US, let alone working. The schedule they keep in Sicily is far more in sync with my natural rhythms. In fact, I found myself far more willing to get up early and exercise than I ever am at home. Of course the exercise was walking around interesting towns, climbing hills and taking pictures for the sheer joy of it. I will soon post some photos, but first I have to find two minutes to rub together. I took nearly 800 shots, so I really need to cull them a bit before I share them. Here's a preview though.

I also discovered that there really is a reason I have a job at the office. All of my work waited for me to return, patiently holding true to its deadline of Friday. I see several late nights this week trying to cram in the things I would have spread over two weeks.

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