savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Planning for the winter

After the second major power outage last winter, my husband and I got fed up with being cold. My tolerance for being cold is pretty much nil, unless I’m planning to be outside doing something awesome in it. Being cold in the house is annoying beyond all words((I realize I should probably live in the tropics somewhere. I’m just not quite ready to do anything that drastic yet.)) so I started planning what would need to do to avoid going without heat for a week in the predictable power outage this year.

We are finally far enough along in the planning process, after exploring and eliminating options, that I’m comfortable that we’ve settled on a direction and we can start really engaging folks to come in and give hard estimates. Looking at the options we had, we chose to eliminate all of the ones that relied upon infrastructure. Rally, if the power goes out, will natural gas be far behind it? And with the rising costs and greater scarcity I just wasn’t comfortable basing the next 20 years of heating comfort on that gamble.

So at this point were looking at two separate operations to get us to heating and home power independence. We’ll be calling the wood fireplace insert guys this weekend for quotes, and the electrician has already provided numbers around putting in a larger propane-powered generator. It’s been a heck of a struggle to understand and compare our options, but I’m very happy with where we’re at right now. And just in time to beat the rush.

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Tags: rural life
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