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Evening biking

Went out last night for an evening bike ride with my husband. We’d planned ahead to be able to make the trip, setting up the slow cooker to have dinner ready for whenever we returned. We managed to get in a 10 mile round trip ride, out uphill with a slight downhill on the way back. It was a perfect evening for a ride – cool enough but not cold enough to make the wind on the way back unpleasant. I did manage to stop for a few photos along the way making the trip a total of an hour and a half. We didn’t stop once on the way out, which is the longest I’ve ever gone without a break. My knees are finally up to this much riding and I’m thrilled.


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that is almost painfully beautiful.

Sorry, that came through with the wrong pictures originally. Those shots were panoramas from Montana, which was absolutely gorgeous. These local shots are far less interesting.

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