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Longest ride ever

Over the weekend we got motivated and went for a long bike ride. Before we got there, I decided I really wanted an odometer to know how far we were going. We’ve been using an approximate timing to set limits on our ride, gradually going faster and farther each time. But for this ride we were fueled up with breakfast and not on any timeline so I wanted to see how far we could go instead of setting time limits on it.1 I magically found an odometer for my phone, so one quick download later and we were off.

We stopped a couple of times on the way out to check that the odometer wasn’t doing crazy things, but otherwise rode non-stop to the furthest point we’d hit on this particular stretch of one of the local trails. When we looked at each other and checked in, neither of us was in a place where we wanted to turn around so on we went. To the next actual town. In total we spent two hours doing a 14 mile round trip.

It was pretty amazing coming back and realizing that I was only really tired for the last mile or so. No aches, other than a slight angering of one knee, but not even the usual saddle-soreness. Of course, my legs were exhausted and I was useless that afternoon, but it was amazing nonetheless.

I didn’t have time to take pictures2 but here are the ones I forgot to post from the last time we did this route. It always reminds me of the opening scenes of a zombie movie with the emptiness and decrepit fencing.

  1. In my head I’m on a very slow training regimen for an eventual bike tour of Italy. Very, very slow training regimen. []
  2. Too busy riding []
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