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(no subject)

I'm not watching debates this year. I refuse, in large part because I don't handle live TV well. I end up shouting at news anchors for their stupidity, how on earth would watching a debate be less aggravating?

Also, I have already voted. In fact, my ballot went in the mail today so I'm completely done. This is kind of a relief, and convenient to be able to send people away who want to try to convince me of one thing or another. I vote both parties, depending on stance, and go off past behavior/voting tendencies. I guess its like any relationship - there are some things that are deal breakers, but most are open to negotiation. And the only real truth you'll find is in the past.

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I watched the debate on youtube. Yeah, it was aggravating, but there was a bonus. They had youtube comments scrolling live in the side window. Now that was fascinating. The trick is you have to view them as coming from some zoological entity, some breed of lesser human who believes with certainty that their own opinion is 100% correct and that their proclamations are the divine truth. There were so many assertions of "the obvious winner" that I couldn't count them. Really, it was the most amusing thing. Such blissful ignorance. You just have to put it out of your mind that those people might actually vote.

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