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New Generation

It’s finally up and running. The generator and all of the equipment to keep it up and running is in place. The only thing left is to get the full inspection completed. Hilariously your inspection has been the most painful part of this business. Even counting the part where the generator was held up in delivery due to Hurricane Sandy. So far we’ve rescheduled 3 times and are now in complete limbo with no scheduled inspection at all. At least we are holding the final payment on the project until the inspection is complete, otherwise who knows if it would happen at all.

Anyway, we haven’t had a power outage yet to test the equipment, but the electrician ran it to check all components before he completed the work. So now we’re all set for up to a week of power outage and will still have heat and Internet. I feel so incredibly spoiled and lucky to have this contingency plan. It’s a great first step on the way to being off the grid entirely.now to get serious about the gardening.


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What fuel does it use. We were just talking about the disadvantage of gas generator where the gas goes bad and has to be replaced if not used. Is that a natural gas generator?

It's a propane generator- they tend to have more power than the natural gas ones. But we had a portable gas one before. We would siphon put the gas to use in the lawn mower over the summer. That and a bit of stabilizer worked like a charm.

How many watts are you looking at needing?

Not many, I figure I need to run the freezer and refrigerator (though the power mostly goes out in the winter and I could use the cold outside), the sump pump, and maybe the ignitor and blower for the gas fireplace. After that I can read my kindle by candle. I'm not planning on running the house enough to VPN to work.

That's easily small enough to use up the gas in a mower over the summer. Getting the electrical hookup set up is the fun part. I have the name of a good guy. :)

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