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(no subject)

The sky is currently trying to decide between black and purple, with some orange thrown in for contrast. I'm thinking snow tonight, which makes me a fool for leaving my laptop at work.

This color combination reminds me of a terrible picture I painted in middle school, all purple and oranges and busy elements. I haven't thought of that in a long time, but I remember loving slapping the paint on the paper.

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There have been flakes drifting here al day long, but not enough to measure. There is ice over the watershed behind Bothell 7 & 8.

oh, man, i love when the sky is that "if someone painted a sky to look like this, you would think they goofed up" sort of unreal real looking. Makes me all kind of happy. We get some really stunning cloud/color combinations here sometimes (mostly we just have blue, and no clouds).

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