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Rocking Adulthood

I dragged myself away from a day full of dreaming and planning for the future1 to head out to the grocery store and pick up some veggies to go with the roast chicken in the works for dinner. Standing in line, while remembering that I don’t carry a grocery card and have to figure out what number we use as the alternate ID, I noticed the February issue of Seattle Met staring me in the face. The magazines and junk in the checkout line never call me, I know they’re the biggest margin items in the store so normally barely even register that they exist. But this one was advertising the best seafood joints in Seattle and it suddenly occurred to me that with a birthday coming up I was going to have to find somewhere for the whole family to enjoy and I wanted seafood!2

As I was flipping through this magazine, I realized that I’d been wanting to go to a local mussel house for ages and was just recently telling a coworker about how awesome it is. Unfortunately it’s a long drive away and generally a pain to get to so we haven’t been in years. Except that I have a day off coming up, since I never work on my birthday3 and gosh if that wouldn’t be the perfect thing to do. Go for lunch, spend the day traveling and exploring. It’s perfect and there’s one less thing to plan. Sometimes being an adult is awesome.

  1. All that’s really feasible on these rainy cold days with a sick husband while trying to avoid becoming sick myself. []
  2. Do not ask how I am now the one who plans family get togethers. Suffice it to say I’m good at it. []
  3. I made this rule almost immediately out of college. My birthday falls in the wide span between Christmas and Memorial Day where there are no holidays. I always need a break about then and it’s nice to have a holiday without crowds. I don’t expect anyone else to take it off as the worst case is I get to sleep in, and that’s just fine by me. []
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