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Polar learning

Last weekend was pretty bad, I wasn't feeling well for most of the weekend but did manage to make my tax and vet appointments. So at least the important stuff got done.

By Monday I was feeling well enough to go to work so we were also able to go to the National Geographic talk we had tickets for. This one was by a guy who has done several polar expeditions, across both the north and south poles. It was interesting to hear him talk about his motivations and see the video of how quickly the 2-3 foot thick pack ice moves in the north. But it wasn't quite as engaging and amazing as the one on the ocean health. I think part of that is that I love the ocean in a way that I just can't engage with the cold and danger of the poles, even with movies like March of the Penguins. The critters are cute, and their lives are hard and getting harder. It they're not the ocean.

Anyway, we still enjoyed the talk and I was fully engaged the whole time in spit of how tired I was. We'll definitely be back for more.

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