savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Biking in the sun

Today was beautiful, so I convinced the husband to tune up the bikes and we went for the first ride of the year. It was beautifully sunny out, even if it was cold. Riding along the trail in the dappled shade, and peeking out at the snow capped mountains, was awesome. I’ve never been on this trail when it was cold enough for snow, and the contrast from the summer months was fantastic. We finished our normal run, 10.2 miles, a bit slow at 2 hours because I’m just out of biking shape.

Of course, with the cold, there were fewer people out on the trail which was also nice. But we did see a couple of ponies, one pulling a trap with a passenger. The best part was the dog walking with them was as large as the horses.


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Tags: accountability club, rural life
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