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Local climate gardening

Over the weekend I attended a workshop hosted by the local Master Gardeners on veggie gardening. The last two years have been extremely frustrating, and the frost destroying my tomato starts didn’t make me happy. I’m thrilled that they’re putting on these local monthly talks, and this session was perfectly timed as I’m starting to get itchy gardening fingers.

Overall, there was a lot of review of things I’d already picked up by reading Steve Solomon’s book, but with the number of distinct micro climates in the NorthWest I was hoping the local residents would have tips. And boy howdy, did they have some good notes.

The biggest tidbit I walked away with i to avoid planting any summer/warm weather crops until July 1. Yep, June is completely out for tomatos, peppers and anything requiring warm nights. And of course as a corollary to that, those warm weather crops really need to be 75 days or less to maturity. I tell you what, if I had known that 2 years ago I would have saved myself a ton of aggravation. I’ve waster more time and effort on tomatos and peppers than I like to think about. But this year, I’ll just buy hardy starts in July and hopefully be more successful. It’s still cheaper and more fun than buying stuff at the store.

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