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(no subject)

Ok, so today is turning out to be relatively good. I've found a job I'm qualified for at a company where I know someone. And he's successfully gotten people hired there before. So wish me luck!

And I've exercized my brain, thanks to Kit's post about bias in the media. And I get to have lunch in a minute. But the best part of all is I'm celebrating 2 years with my sweetie. :)

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Good luck on the job front, and happy anniversary!

Thanks! Has Tom come back yet, or are you still reveling in your singleness? :)

I'm a single girl until 4:30pm Saturday! I'd be enjoying it more if I didn't have so much homework to do. :( Tomorrow I have to work on my prelabs and clean the house, and Saturday I have an on-campus lab from 8:30am to 3:30pm. :(

I understand the homework thing. I did 2 years of all day Saturday classes. But they weren't science, so it was easy. :)

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