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Bike the watershed

Over the long weekend my husband and I made time for a bike trip up to the local watershed. It was a beautiful day and a nearly 12 mile round trip. The beauty of this particular ride is that it’s close, and doesn’t require any real prep.

On this trip we managed to find and explore a new offshoot trail which led to some spectacular views of the peaks. We are so lucky to live so close to such beautiful places.



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Wow, that is a nice view. Even better that it can be biked to. I sometimes forget that there are directions you can go from your place that aren't either up or down a mountainside.

I'm not a huge fan of hills - my knees are just not up for it yet. So almost all of our trips include relatively flat rides. Sometimes some gentle incline, but that's about it. We're actually planning to take our bikes out camping this summer, and finding trails that won't leave me unable to walk for days has been... interesting.

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