savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Derby dork

I am a nerd. I admit it, I get excited about things that are off center. SciFi, RPGs, nerdy tv, opera, whatever. Right now I am wildly in love with roller derby. This year we had season tickets to our local team, and next year I plan to sit in the "crash zone" on the floor where you can actually get hit if players get knocked out. I have a collection of shirts for different teams and events I've been to. It's really a good thing that the tickets are about that of a night at the movies. It it were on the order of a basketball or football game I'd probably go broke.

The funniest part about this new love of mine is that it inspires travel. We've been to central Oregon to see a friend play, and when we were on Maui I was sad that we'd missed their season and they didn't have any bouts. But we're also planning a mini vacation this month to travel to another state and see derby again. I'm excited, and at the same time feel like a total dork. But hey, I could have worse habits. Right?

Tags: derby
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