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Winter storms

The storms are starting to hit, rains for days followed by wind strong enough to make the house creak and groan. This has happened sporadically in November as long as I can remember, but with our move to the foothills the gusting is stronger. It seems that every year there’s at least one severe power outage. In fact, we’ve already had one earlier this year for a few hours but it was the middle of the day so really a non-event.

This weekend, the gust all around the area knocked out power to several areas. As a result, I’m patting myself on the back a bit for putting in our monster generator. The ability to have heat, light and internet in the middle of a power outage is a wonderful thing. In fact, the monster is big enough to keep us going for a full week should we need it. We will never have to hide in a single room again with a space heater and all the books we own.

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