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For a few years now, I’ve been following a diet similar to the paleo diet. I’ve been eating mostly veggies with meat and snacking on nuts. Of course, I still eat popcorn and drink alcohol and occasionally have other things that are forbidden on the strict diet. I arrived at this diet by discovering that I’m dairy intolerant, and meals with high amounts of carbohydrates were giving me heartburn. So a proteins and veggie diet just made sense. There was an added bonus of losing the bloated feeling and dropping 20 pounds.

But recently, I’ve been having some sever bouts of intestinal distress so I decided to see a naturopath. It was clear to me that food was at least part of the problem, but I wasn’t sure which ones or how to identify them. Fortunately the naturopath suggested a panel of allergy tests including those checking for intestinal distress and fatigue instead of histamine reactions.

The results were astonishing. There were several staples of my diet on the list of foods that provoke and extreme reaction. Broccoli, coffee, almonds and lemon were all on the list, in addition to the obvious dairy products. Gluten and wheat were conspicuously absent from the forbidden foods. So now I have to rethink my ident again, and come up with clever substitutes. At least I still have kale…

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Thanks, it's been very much like that. I mean, coffee and bananas? What is that?

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