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Starbucks is a hater

With my newly found sensitivity to coffee, I’m looking for other drinks as treats and pick-me-ups. Tea is great, but gets old quickly when lemon is also forbidden. Anyway, it’s a terrible vehicle for liquid chocolate.

Over the weekend, my husband and I stopped by our local Starbucks to pick up drinks on the way to run errands. I tried to order a cocoa, which felt like a brilliant compromise, only to discover that they don’t do alternative milks beyond soy. I really don’t need the extra hormones, so ended up ordering nothing. We made a special trip to our local independent shop to pick up my cocoa, luckily they offered almond milk in addition to soy.

I’ve been a moderately loyal Starbucks custom over the years. The consistency of their drinks no matter the location was always a comfort, even if the coffee isn’t top notch. But this will be the last trip I make. My husband will use up our gift cards and we’ll be done with them.

Luckily for us the local chain Mercury’s does a wide variety of alternates to dairy, including coconut milk. Thank goodness someone out there gets it.

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If you find a Pete's they do a great hot cocoa and have like a zillion and one alternative milks (hemp, rice, almond, soy, coconut, etc.)

I like their Mayan Chocolate.

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