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Boxing it in

Last year was really bad for my garden. I was working a lot, we took a vacation, and the space just… hasn’t been working the way I had hoped. We took a large section of the lawn and turned it into a single large bed, easily sectioned out on a grid, at ground level. I had hoped that this arrangement would be simple for weeding using a hoe, and large enough to have a quarter fallow each year.
In practice, this has turned out to not be the case. The edges are difficult to manage and the lawn really wants to reclaim that space. With our wet spring and summer, the growing season is just too darned short to make that much space work out properly if I’m not working on it every night. And with my jobs and other hobbies, that much gardening is oppressive instead of fun.
So this year is different. We’ve cult a single garden box, which will multiply if it works out. Last weekend we spent time putting in the dirt. This may seem late. But really the good growing season doesn’t start for another two weeks, so we’re well on schedule. And we had so much help after shoveling all that dirt, we might do it again.

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