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Polar bear in June

My husband and I are planning our first real local scuba dive for this month. We did our certification dives in Puget Sound, but I’m not counting those. We’ve bought drysuits to keep from freezing to death during the dive, but I’m sure we’ll still be pretty cold at the end. Something about extended exposure to 45 degree water will do that to a body.
But we’ve picked the place and I’m in touch with one of our instructors who will play tour guide while we’re out there. Since it’s our first dive in these new drysuits and we’re just bit familiar with the area from a submerged perspective it seemed like a good idea. If it were tropical we’d snorkel it to get the lay of the land, but there’s a zero percent chance that I’m going out there in a swimsuit. I’m not that crazy.
When we’re back I’ll catalog our finds. I want to start a log of all the awesome stuff we get to see.

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Wow. What an adventure. I admire your guts, Savannah!

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