savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Eight more legs

At the end of last year, we lost our white cat Moll to cancer. I’d brought her home in May of 1999, and raised her and our other cat Phil as inseparable siblings. Losing her was very hard on all of us, but one thing I didn’t expect was how depressed Phil would be. He became listless and uninterested in food or play and just generally unlike himself. We were suddenly in a situation where I wasn’t ready for a new cat, but we needed one to make him feel better.
At this point it became clear to me that two cats is not enough in a household. To be able to finish mourning the passing of one of our kitties, we need to have at least two running around the house to keep each other company.
So this past weekend we went kitten hunting. We needed kittens to ensure that the ages of the cats in the house were different. With a 14 year old and a 3 year old, under a year made sense.
We got extremely lucky at the local shelter. There were two kittens with the right personality to fit in with the other kitties. So far the integration is going very well.

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Tags: cats
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