savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Weekday morning routine

This is my new morning routine. It varies slightly, but not enough to really matter. I had kittens once before, I should have learned my lesson. Ah, the things we forget.

This morning I was awakened by thundering up the stairs, followed  by romping on the bed. Frequently this takes the form of kittens alternating between laying directly on me while fighting and/or them attempting to eat my feet/ankles. Today was a combination of both, and boy are kitten teeth sharp, even through sheets. Then they disappeared.

A few minutes later they were back and fighting again, followed by the senior cat (in my icon) doing his version of a run. That run/waddle ended up with him stopping by my head and attempting to sit on my pillow. This, of course, is not allowed, so I settled him near but not on my head. My alarm went off at this point. I'm not sure why I have it since they predictably wake me well before it goes off. Nostalgia maybe?

The romping continued until the fourth cat, who likes to remain downstairs, started inexplicably yodeling. I have no idea why she does this, but it attracts the nosy kitten. Every day, it's like a new game. The best part is that she's not actually calling him because she generally doesn't like his antics. I finally did't have to negotiate too many sets of claws that might decide my legs moving was a new game, so I got out of bed to head for the shower. While I'm prepping the shower the Nosy Kitten magically shows back up and opened the bathroom door which I failed to close properly. That was the first time he'd done that, I'm now going to have to keep an eye on him forever.

I was actually able to usher Nosy Kitten out and close the door and be boring enough to get in and out of the shower without incident.

Then my husband walks in to the bathroom to announce that he has found a chicken carcass (their dinner the previous night) dragged upstairs and deposited on the bed. The buried in the duvet. He threw the carcass out and it turns out I don't care enough about germs to panic and wash the duvet cover in the middle of the day, especially since we're running late. Do not ask me how we can possibly run late when I'm up before my alarm, I can't explain it.

As I tried to put on my shoes and socks, and after I chased the cats all out of the closet for "helping", Little One is tried desperately to get my attention. If I moved even one step, she would follow. This is after she had alone snuggles and playtime the night before, and had already eaten both my ankles. I had to stop, pet and play with her a bit before she would let me leave.

And that's why I was late, boss.
Tags: cats
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