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Check to see if your House Rep voted for or against the DSL deregulation act

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What's your opinion on that?

I'm against deregulation if it's done in one broad stroke. I believe that competition is a good thing, but you need equal footing for the competition to have a chance to do what it's intended for. As it stands, the phone companies have all the chips. I'd love this bill if it provided some sort of leveling process. Maybe something where the gov't buys all the hard lines, then auctions them off or something.

I'm torn. On the one hand the capitalist libertarian objectivist side of me is for complete deregulation. But on the other hand there's the me that's pissed off because Verizon would rather leave their CO in a state of "disrepair" than fix it so that it can lease the lines out so that I can have DSL at my house (apparently they feel that if they can't have my business, no one can."

Unfortunately I haven't had time to read the actual bill. :( My one call a few months ago to my House Rep was to vote against it though.

I did the same thing. And I'm happy to say that my rep listened. I think that this is the problem that we'll hav eto face more in the future as consolidation becomes more common. The phone companies have made a large investment, but have gotten too large to care to invest more. And they don't share well. Maybe we should send them back to kindergarten? :)

But seriously, I'd love to see complete deregulation and let those market forces work. But I don't think that unregulated deregulation will allow that to happen. There's just too much history and investment already involved.

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