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Dives 16 and 17: Big Island boat dives

We took a day off then went back out on December 7th.

Dive 1: Rabbi
Confirmed I was at 18 pounds. That’s a ton, but it lets me sink in the million layers of neoprene. Went to Rabbis and saw mantas off on the surface playing around. Weren’t fast enough in the water to get to see them up close, but still beautiful from the boat (especially after the Dolphins on the way out). First dive was through what I think of as lava fingers, where we saw some trumpets, white margin eels, and a turtle. I saw an eel ( maybe a stout?) swim up over a finger and down into a new hole. It was pretty amazing. There was a hole with a white margin moray AND a red stripe pipe fish in it, which was pretty amazing. I was the last one to surface for our group, and really did a good job keeping trim and properly buoyant. I felt like I was really starting to get a handle on my breath control.

Dive two: south of Pyramid
Slight current but not enough to abort. Awesome site, lots of puffers, a harlequin shrimp, pompom crab, many eels, and some caves. Saw a bunch of nudibranchs, white stripes and I think the Hawaiian spotted. Saw a devil scorpionfish and two Crimson leaf scorpionfish, in addition to the reticulated frogfish and the zebra moray. We also saw an octo that our guide made ink, though he tried not to. I got to hold an urchin and have it cling to my hand as I slowly swiveled it to 90 degrees. After the men both went up, our master took me around and into more caves. Some were really cold, with bubbles coming down from above like the surf was coming through the blowholes up above. We also spent some time examining the surf walls looking for more frogfish (Mrs Richard Nixon in particular). After getting out we saw for mantas playing about and just generally having fun in the water nearby.

Dive details

  • Gear
    • 5 mil wetsuit, plus shorty, boots, no gloves or cap/hood
    • 18 pounds
    • water temp 79F
  • 1: max 67ft for 66 minutes
  • SI 1:20
  • 2: max 40ft for 72 min
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Tags: scuba
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