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Dives 18 and 19: Big Island boat dives

We had two more dives on December 11. Dad and my brother were with us for both. Dad was adjusting and getting visibly more comfortable, slowly, and enjoyed the heck out of himself. The day was pretty windy and choppy with big swells so we went south instead of north from the marina. Then we finished the evening with the Island Breeze luau, which was fun and silly.
Dive 1: Old Airport
Lots of lava formations with some coral. Dad spotted a white mouth moray and there was a Hawaiian spotted nudibranch. After the guys were up, Katie (our dive master) and I spotted the yellow margin moray that bit one of the guys at the shop. It was at least 6 feet, and Katie says it’s on the big side of medium. Gorgeous moray, but definitely hiding in its cave. Katie also showed me a thorny green seastar that was eating coral. It’s stomach fringe was outside its body, which is where it digests the coral. So cool to see.

Dive 2: Carousel
Carousel is a marine sanctuary and it showed in the volumes and varieties of sealife. There was too much surf and surge to go into the lava tube that gives it the name, but we were able to see needlefish and a pretty big manta from the boat.

There was sea life fricking everywhere. Trumpets, parrots, you name it. Katie pointed out a flame angel pair, which is rare in addition to being endemic, and there was a cliff absolutely covered in coral. I also spotted a bunch of Potters Angelfish. The whole wall was alive with brightly colored and rare creatures. The viz was freaking amazing and made it really easy to change depth significantly without realizing it.

Dive details

  • Gear
    • 5 mil wetsuit, plus shorty, boots, no gloves or cap/hood
    • 18 pounds
    • water temp 79F
  • 1: max 66ft for 60 minutes
  • SI 1:14
  • 2: max 70ft for 75 min
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