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Scuba and running

Part of my obsession with scuba has manifested in what feels like a really weird way. I want to be a better diver, to use less air and to be really efficient with it, so I’ve started running. I’m not a runner. I just really have no interest in running for its own sake. I’ve played team sports, which require running, but that’s different. I tend to be very objective focused, which means the running in sports was a necessary means to the end of scoring the goal or making the basket or running down your opponent. I tried track once in school and ended up doing shotput (and ruining a knee in the process). I even tried pretending I was running as training for a 5k, which I ended up walking because The training didn’t go well. I just get bored running. But this time it’s different. I need better breath control and stronger legs to be a good swimmer. Running will get me there without getting me the huge muscles that will suck up my air faster. So now every run I do makes me a better diver. And that’s a goal I can get behind. Crossposted from Journey to the Center, comment here or there with OpenID.
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Hey, found you via Kittles and seems we have a good bit in common, okay if I ad you?

I'm a dive instructor myself. If you've never tried freediving and intro level class will reallllllly help you with consuming less air during your dives. It teaches you better breathing techniques, more efficient fin kicks and how to really relax underwater.

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