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Scuba and running

Part of my obsession with scuba has manifested in what feels like a really weird way. I want to be a better diver, to use less air and to be really efficient with it, so I’ve started running. I’m not a runner. I just really have no interest in running for its own sake. I’ve played team sports, which require running, but that’s different. I tend to be very objective focused, which means the running in sports was a necessary means to the end of scoring the goal or making the basket or running down your opponent. I tried track once in school and ended up doing shotput (and ruining a knee in the process). I even tried pretending I was running as training for a 5k, which I ended up walking because The training didn’t go well. I just get bored running. But this time it’s different. I need better breath control and stronger legs to be a good swimmer. Running will get me there without getting me the huge muscles that will suck up my air faster. So now every run I do makes me a better diver. And that’s a goal I can get behind. Crossposted from Journey to the Center, comment here or there with OpenID.
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I've never tried freediving. I've been a swimmer for ages though, growing up around lots of water makes it mandatory for most of the kids around here. I haven't been swimming, in a real official way, for years though.

Where did you do your freediving? The water here is so darn cold I think I'd want to be someplace tropical to try it.

I did two courses, the first in Egypt in Sharm the second in Koh Tao, Thailand. There's a good school in Florida and a few scattered instructors in the PNW, including one guy up in Seattle, but yes, brrr.

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