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Yesterday the work team went out to Whirlyball for a couple of hours as a morale event. It's such a silly concept, but so much fun. You're trying to play lacrosse, with those plastic scoops and whiffle balls for kids, while in bumper cars. The points are scored by getting the ball through a hole in a basketball backboard. This game is seriously the opposite of a skill game, but still brings out the competitor in people. At the end of each match everyone leaves the court laughing though.

I wasn't able to play because of this stupid cough. If start laughing I start coughing so hard I can't breathe, even after taking medicine. And I knew I'd be laughing pretty hard because the game is seriously silly. As it was, I laughed pretty hard as a spectator. The teams were coming up with strategies on how to win, and some folks were even practicing between matches. But really, getting hit in a bumper car while trying to do anything else just really makes it impossible to have any coordination you may have improve your performance. And honestly that's one of the best parts of this silly game - there's no hope of being "good" so you just have to enjoy it.
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