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Dive 22: Advanced Open Water failure

April 24 Alki Cove 2
I’ve been stalling on writing this for a bit. The dive was not a good one, but it was part of the Advanced Open course so I was determined to stick it out (which was really very dumb). I was in my drysuit, but forgot to put on one of my polypropylene shirts so I managed to get really cold. My mask also fogged up so hard that I could see maybe 5 feet in front of me. It was the Buoyancy dive, and I was able to do the exercises perfectly, but after that was no good. I was sticking close to our instructor but couldn’t really get a good handle on myself because my viz was so awful. I couldn’t really tell what was going on with my depth so I wasn’t managing my BC and suit inflation well. As a result I corked once from about 25 feet.
One good thing was that I discovered I have been diving overweighted for a while. Lightening my load will be a huge benefit for getting in and out of shore dives. The other fantastic thing I learned was that I need to be less aggressive about wanting to finish out a dive. I should have called that one earlier and I will definitely do that next time.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do any of the other 4 dives for the cert, but I’m rescheduling it. I was just too cold to even get my gloves back on, so there will be some definite equipment changes to help mitigate that for next time. I’m intending to pick up a battery powered heated shirt for my next warm water dive to eliminate one wetsuit layer, so hopefully that will translate well to my drysuit diving. I’m actually excited about the potential for this heated shirt.
Dive details
Drysuit, gloves and hood
Tights, polypropylene leggings, wool socks, polypropylene shirt, long sleeve tshirt
24 pounds (need to go to ~22)
water temp ?F
1: max 45ft for 19 minutes
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"One good thing was that I discovered I have been diving overweighted for a while. "
Aha! And fixing this will make a HUGE difference on how much air you go through. Yay!

Doing any dives, especially cert dives in cold water is like 2982342 times harder than doing it in warm, clear water. So go, you for doing this even if it takes a few goes. You'll be such a better diver for it.

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