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A beautiful article about the serendipity that led up to the photo of Brandi Chastain at the Womens World Cup. I remember the controversy well, and still think that it's silly. There's more clothing there than the swimsuit issue and she did nothing a man wouldn't have done.

I was lucky enough to have Michelle Akers as one of my soccer camp coaches, as well as her SPU coach. Uncle Nubby was a hell of a guy.

Women's Sounders games at coming up this summer, looking forward to seeing those. But what they're doing with the turf at the World Cup is unconscionable. It fundamentally changes the game when the players get rug burns every time they slide.

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I used to work with Brandi. I was working at US Soccer as a meeting planner during that WWC and she was on our board of directors so I interacted with her quite a bit. She's every bit as awesome in person as you'd expect and she never understood the attention she got over that moment, but she took it in stride.
I've met Michelle a few times as well, super nice lady. I played a 'friendly' little match with Tony DiCapprio and Michelle one time during a conference. To say it was humbling is an understatement!

And yes, astroturf = totally unacceptable.

That's one of the things I love about the women's soccer community. It's so humble and accepting. It's more about love of the game than anything else, which is really how it should be.

Also, I agree with Brandi. It shouldn't have been a big deal, beyond the kickass win. The fact that it was makes me sad. We have so much farther to go.

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