savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Dives 23 and 24: Big Island boat dives

May 29

Dive one: Hoovers tower

First dive back on the Big Island. I managed to pick up a stomach bug right before flying out so we had to postpone the dives a couple of days while I recovered. We waited until I was feeling decent then one more day. Stomach pain while underwater seemed like a bad idea. We did manage to get in quite a few dives while there in spite of the 8 to 10 foot swells. Kona Dive Company just really has their sites well understood so each day we had no current in any of the sites we were in, no matter the direction of the wind and waves. The first dive was full of life. We managed to see octopi mating, potters angelfish, 2 kinds of green starfish, a white mouth moray, and a dealing huge giant puffer fish.

We also had an amazing manta encounter at the cleaning station. It curled and unfurled it’s mandibles. We tried identification and it looks like it was probably takamadhi? We also managed to see pustalose and varicose nudibrachs. And one of the flowered flounder, which I have never seen before.

Dive two: Rose garden

Second dive wasn’t far from the first. We spotted a bunch of Pyramid butterflies, more potters angelfish and the spiny green stars. Teardrop butterflies and one of the endemic and rare black long nose butterflies. A small turtle went by. There were lots of wire coral which are just fascinating along with a baby white mouth moray. The highlight though was the gold lace nudibrach.

The “comfort” mouthpiece I tried on this dive was anything but. It was too big and hurt my jaw. The new fins were also one size too big so one came off as I got into the water. Caught it, but spent the rest of the dives pulling them up and being paranoid about them falling off.

  • Gear
    • 5 mil wetsuit and my new heated shirt (love it)
    • Aluminum tank
    • Boots and the new F2 fins
    • 14+1 pounds (the extra 1 is on the tank)
    • Ziegler Ranger BC
    • “Comfort” mouthpiece
  • 79 degrees F
  • Dive 1
    • Max depth: 61 feet
    • 67 minutes
  • Surface Interval: 1:29
  • Dive 2
    • Max depth: 61 feet
    • 70 minutes
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Tags: scuba
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