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Container gardening tomatoes

So this year we’re looking at making some long term changes to the yard. But in the meantime I kind of wanted to test out this ridiculous theory on reducing mosquitoes through marigolds. We had a couple of pots in the house that really needed to have their existing contents dumped, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Plus, if the fewer bugs thing works out, it will be way easier to stay out on the deck longer. Horesflies are just no fun. So I figured with the number of pots we had in the house I could easily do 2 tomato pots in addition to the floral arrangement. I specifically looked for quick maturing varieties, knowing how short our season is. We’ll see if the additional heat gathered in the soil helps them mature at all. Tomatoes just don’t do well here with the elevation and cool Maritime climate. Crossposted from Journey to the Center, comment here or there with OpenID.