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Dives 25 and 26: Big Island boat dives

May 30 Dive one: crescent beach I managed to pull a layer of skin off the last knuckle of my right ring finger getting the wetsuit on (go me!). Diving with a bandaid turns out to be silly and useless. Sadly there were no sharks, but we did see a spotted eagle ray feeding. Freaking amazing to watch, and this was the first one I’d seen outside an aquarium. There was also a flame angel, a whole sea bed of garden eels, a couple of nudibranchs (a rosy and a pustulose?), white stripe cleaner shrimp, teardrop butterflies and a pair of pyramid butterflies. We came up too early to see the tiger shark leaving the harbor and the turtle the other groups spotted. The site was just outside the harbor entrance, and the top 5 feet were super cold due to the fresh water springs. There were Potters Angels, which I’m super fond of. There’s just something about their coloring that’s beautiful. There were some white mouth morays, a couple of jacks hanging about doing their thing and a 6 foot barracuda. Black long nose butterflies and a male coral Blennie, which are all endemic. Billy even pulled a marlinspike auger out of the sand to show us. But the star of the show was the eagle ray. The site looked a lot like Molokini outside of Maui, but only a 5 minute ride out instead of an hour. Dive two: wacky Straight off the boat were 2 lizardfish. A beautiful octo was hanging out and we got to watch him for a while. There was a whole school of pyramid butterflies, a pair of teardrops and a pair of black longnose butterflies as well. Managed to spot a crowned toby and a male spotted box fish. One of the wire coral had a wire coral gobie and there was a 5+ foot white mouth moray and a tiny dwarf moray hanging out in the rock. I managed to spot a guard crab in antler coral, which I couldn’t get the guys attention for and later a divided flatworm, which I was able to show off. They really look green at depth instead of yellow. With the shirt, properly fitting fins and a molded mouthpiece, these dives were no work at all. Even getting into the boat was easy afterward because of all the leg strengthening I’m doing in Pilates. I did get pretty burpy and tired for the second dive, but overall both were great.
  • Gear
    • 5 mil wetsuit and my new heated shirt (love it)
    • Aluminum tank
    • Boots and the new F2 fins (springs adjusted)
    • 14+1 pounds (the extra 1 is on the tank)
    • Ziegler Ranger BC
    • molded mouthpiece
  • 79 degrees F
  • Dive 1
    • Max depth: 86 feet
    • 63 minutes
  • Surface Interval: 1:21
  • Dive 2
    • Max depth: 69 feet
    • 63 minutes
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