savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Dives 27 and 28: Big Island boat dives

June 1 Dives One: wash rock Very different dive from the previous ones. Lots of different critters than the other dives, including a giant trevally and a Manta (Eli) who took several passes by us. Somehow I missed seeing big barracuda, but I did spot my first yellow headed eel (bright yellow head with distinct bands on its body). There’s a great coral garden at the site and no surge even though the water was doing barrel rolls in Kailua. More crabs in the antler coral, which is always cool. And one white mouth moray. Easy sinking even with the dry wetsuit. Having sunscreen on my legs made pulling it on much easier so no more bizarre wounding. No problems at all with equipment so I focused on swimming without using my hands. Two: north side of garden eel cove I felt like i had great buoyancy control, even going to huge depths. Should have taken another Sudafed between dives to top off the one i took at 7, my ears got picky so I just took it really slow. Managed to see a pair of flame Angels, black longnose butterfly, teardrop butterfly. One big puffer hanging out on the bottom and watching us go by. Even a fireworm in a cavern. While doing the safety stop I spotted a sailfin tang. Much more hilly terrain at this site with fingers down to the sandy bottom. I figured out that the air noise I’ve been hearing is stuff rushing around in my BC as I change position. So silly that it was making me worry about leaking hoses. Super tired after these dives but really, really happy with the results. I’m getting much more confident and comfortable as time goes on.
  • Gear
    • 5 mil wetsuit and my new heated shirt (love it)
    • Aluminum tank
    • Boots and the new F2 fins (springs adjusted)
    • 14+1 pounds (the extra 1 is on the tank)
    • Ziegler Ranger BC
    • molded mouthpiece
  • 79 degrees F
  • Dive 1
    • Max depth: 64 feet
    • 65 minutes
  • Surface Interval: 1:13
  • Dive 2
    • Max depth: 78 feet
    • 69 minutes
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Tags: scuba
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