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Foundation installation 

All of the demolition on the yard is complete. It actually looks better now than it did during the demolition, even with the giant swaths of dirt waiting for something amazing to happen. The small rock walls for the veggie garden beds are part way done and our designer finally groks where and why I want them laid out a certain way. The sun in our yard is so fickle that you really have to see it in action to understand the placement and needs. But now that he gets the reasoning I am confident that I will only have to remind him a few more times that they need more work. The one thing I’m worried about now is the irrigation. He’s finally absorbed that we have 28PSI for the water. Somehow he didn’t really take that in before. So now we’re talking about an in line pressure booster. We looked into it when we moved in to the house, even dropping new electrical to support it, but we could never get a plumber to commit to doing the work. So now I finally have an estimate from a plumber but don’t have any idea if we have the electrical to support it, considering we fixed shortcuts from before and have made additional changes. The pros want me to commit to doing the work without the full picture, and I’m just not falling for it. But in the grand scheme of this project this is so minor. It’s not like we really want to water the yard beyond the veggies anyway. We’re going drought resistant with the plantings by design. The best part has been the cutest construction workers. Crossposted from Journey to the Center, comment here or there with OpenID.E

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I think I'd choose a dog-contractor over a cat-contractor - at least you know the dog would retain enthusiasm for the most part. This guy - you just know as soon as there's a likely sunbeam you'll find him snoozing on the job.

So true! He'd probably get distracted by the dust he kicks into the sun as well.

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