savannah (onsafari) wrote,

New house upgrades, several years late

The yard destruction is in full swing, new ditches and pipes with little mountains and hazards everywhere. Every day we see different kinds of progress, even if sometimes it’s just the empty Gatorade bottles left in the yard. Frankly, I’m amazed that we’re getting sprinklers at all. Back when we moved in to the house mmph years ago we noticed the appalling water pressure. We came from a place where we had to install a pressure reducer because it was too high and putting strain on the pipes, so this place was really bad. It took forever to fill a glass and washing things took some creativity. It was so bad we called the water company to come out and look at it. But the system is gravity fed, so the 35psi was expected at the street, and because we’re on a hill we only got 28psi. There was nothing they would do. The minimum psi for drip sprinklers is 30, so we could maybe barely squeak by. Of course we couldn’t get a reliable call back from a plumber, so doing anything to fix that fell to the back burner. It just wasn’t going to happen. Until we hit this project. That’s one good thing about a connected general contractor – people want to work for him. They’ll show up to give quotes and do the work. So now we have this bit of work done that we’ve been planning for years, just after we’d become used to the fiddly nature of getting water out of the fridge. Crossposted from Journey to the Center, comment here or there with OpenID.
Tags: localvore, rural life
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