savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Plotting (literally)

We’re paused on the yard work, plotting out where the plants should go and which kinds. I really want the yard to be natives and edibles, to take advantage of the space and wild surrounds that we have. The complicating factor is that our yard has crazy sun zones that make the placement of plants complex. It’ll be fine, and I’m sure we’ll work it out, but it’s just one more slowdown on a project I want done already. We were downtown Seattle yesterday at the die in and had some time to ourselves since we were so early. Did you know they’ve done some great new landscaping at the Seattle Center? We wandered around a bit getting ideas and checking to see what was doing well in certain areas. Seeing mature plants and their habits is a huge help to planning our own yard. It’s so much easier to get a sense of size in person rather than in a random internet picture that only shows the flowers or what happens in some completely different climate. When we got home we took some time to wander the yard and check out how things were looking. We had lots of four footed help. It turns out that the one rose left from our old engagement present (planted at the old house even) is liking the new yard. Still love that Singin’ in the Rain strain. Crossposted from Journey to the Center, comment here or there with OpenID.
Tags: localvore, naturescaping
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