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Dive Grenada – 34 and 35

My husband and I went on a Carribean trip over the holidays, hitting Grenada specifically because of the wonders of their diving. It’s all drift dives down there due to the current. What I didn’t realize about that type of diving is that you don’t get to dive your tank, it’s really about the time you’re reconnecting with the boat. I think in the future I would try to get a private dive to be able to use the extra 1000 pounds I had left beyound what’s comfortable for a safety stop and boat pickup. My biggest regret for this trip is not owning a GoPro or equivalent.

The first 2 dives were on December 28, since we were in a new place I went with 16 pounds and a shortie wetsuit. I didn’t use my new cap or the lights and could have used both. The heated shirt saved the day again though.

First dive was at Veronica after an aborted attempt at another site that a yacht was blocking. They’d anchored in the reef like assholes, and the captain wouldn’t move his anchor to the sand, so each swell would move the anchor and damage the reef even more. What a jerk. His excuse was that the site wasn’t on his chart, so even though we were a boat of divers and telling him to move, he just sat there.

Veronica was a good location though, and had a wreck that we got to explore, even going in the hold. We were a bit nervous as this was the first big wreck and our first opportunity to go into one. No worries though, the hold was fully open so it was just a matter of sinking down into the opening and looking around. Saw lots of angels, some new bright blue fish, a white mouth moray and what I think was a snowflake moray. Rob spotted what I think was a type of lizard fish. Very cool stuff and Rob and I practiced our buddy work.

The second dive was at Boss Reef. I can see why they call it that. More morays, a huuuuge lobster and forest of fan coral. So amazing to see that all out there. Rob spotted a spotted nudibranch. I really needed some books on fish in this area because it was just amazing. I still can’t get over how cool the forest of coral was. It just really stood out. Next post I’ll grab a pic of the fish ID card I bought. It’s terribly cartoony, but at least gives a bit of an idea.


  • Shortie wetsuit
  • Aluminum  tank
  • Apollo split & springloaded fins
  • 16 pounds
  • Ziegler Ranger BC
  • molded mouthpiece (still loving it)
  • Heated shirt

Dive 1

  • 81F
  • Max depth: 49 feet
  • 55 minutes

Surface Interval: 47 minutes

Dive 2

  • Max depth: 53ft
  • 57 min
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16lbs seems like a lot to me for wearing a shortie in salt water, did you do a buoyancy check? The carrib is well known among dive pros as being a haven for some shitty DMs who love to over-weight clients as they think it's easier to manage :/

Snowflake morrays are my favorite, so gorgeous and often very friendly. I had one in Zanzibar that I knew very well and would come out to see me when I knocked on the hole where it lived :D

RE: Very cool, nice recap

I'm sure I was overweighted, but I'm so efficient on air that I was at half a tank when we were done with each dive so I had no worries about adjusting for buoyancy. It's lazy, but it was a big-ish group and I was more interested in getting underwater and worrying about it from there. Next time I think I would pay extra to get a smaller group and stay under longer.

I'm so jealous of your friendly moray! I love them so much, they're absolutely fascinating.

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