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Dive Grenada 36 and 37

Two more dives in Grenada on December 29. Got a bit burned the evening before so I stayed inside and finished my book while the husband took a nap.

First dive was at Flamingo bay. It was really amazing – a rock finger pointing out to the ocean in a marine preserve. Lots and lots of the fan and other feathery coral. Saw a bunch of lion fish, some really huge ones. There was a white moray with spots and the biggest green moray I’ve ever seen. The little white one almost looked like a sea snake and kept trying to burrow to get away. The big green one was easily six inches wide with an enormous head. It was just just shockingly huge to see. It seems that he hangs out there all the time as our dive guide was looking for him to point him out. There was also a spiny lobster – one big one our dive master found and then a smaller one I spotted. We also saw a turtle – I initially was hoping it might be a hawksbill, but the guide said it was a green. Saw a couple more of the fish that look like the equivalent of the Hawaiian lizard fish (sand divers) and a feathery nudibranch. The outstanding part was the coral formations though. They were just amazing. Even spotted a French angelfish.

The second dive was at the underwater sculpture garden. The sculptures themselves were barely interesting. More of an interesting artificial reef starter than anything else. But there was a sailboat wreck with another of the white morays in it. Our dive guide also spotted what looked like a slipper lobster and one of the nudibranchs that are white with gold spots like the husband found the first day. Overall a pretty boring site though. There were a lot of snorkelers which surprised me as the view from above must even be more boring.

As promised, the critter card I picked up:


  • Shortie wetsuit and cap
  • Aluminum tank
  • Apollo split & springloaded fins
  • 16 pounds
  • Ziegler Ranger BC
  • molded mouthpiece (still loving it)
  • Heated shirt
  • Light

Dive 1

  • 81F
  • Max depth: 68 feet
  • 55 minutes

Surface Interval: 38 minutes

Dive 2

  • Max depth: 77′
  • 54 minutes
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Tags: scuba
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