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Final Grenada dives – 38 and 39

December 30 and the last of three days in a row of diving. We only had the 6 dives in Grenada, but they were all so amazing and fun! Each site was a little bit different. Dives today were at Purple Rain, the second site at Kahonee. Both were absolutely stunning and I would love to visit again.

Purple rain had a 2′ nurse shark, hawksbill turtle, spotted drum, arrow crab and another spiny lobster. Seriously amazing schools of fish and the coral was out of this world. Reminded me a bit of Molokini until we got to the coral. The giant purple fans – I just really can’t get over the coral. I feel like I need to get a Go Pro before our next trip so I can get video of this stuff. It’s just too amazing not to share. I spent a ridiculous amount of time checking out a file fish of some sort. It kept poking it’s file at me like a weapon and checking me out back.

The second site wasn’t quite as shockingly awesome, but the coral was still great. Some really big cow fish and a cleaner shrimp. Also, a southern stingray went by. So fast and beautiful.

I feel like we saw all of the butterfly fish and several sand divers (which look just like lizard fish to me).


  • Shortie wetsuit and cap
  • Aluminum tank
  • Apollo split & springloaded fins
  • 16 pounds
  • Ziegler Ranger BC
  • molded mouthpiece (still loving it)
  • Heated shirt
  • Light

Dive 1

  • 81F
  • Max depth: 67 feet
  • 55 minutes

Surface Interval: 69 minutes

Dive 2

  • Max depth: 47′
  • 58 minutes
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