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Edmonds Underwater Park – dive 43

Played hooky from work last week to go out diving again. Well, I took vacation time but it was totally with it. We were pretty slow to get started but we’re super efficient getting out the door now that we know what we need and how to transport it. We almost have the packing down to where it’s a quick trip out to the truck but we’re not quite there yet.

There were a lot of people out at the beach for a Monday – far more than we had expected. It was a bit weird having such a large audience while getting out stuff together, though it was kind of fun having a little girl wave at me as I was coming back in from the dive.

It was also a beautiful day which meant we got totally overheated in the parking lot and I couldn’t wait to get into the water to cool off. The water was really murky again with pretty awful viz (thanks sunshine). but I feel like this is making us better divers dive we really have to be aware of each other and our surroundings. We did get separated once and I could not for the life of me find my husband. We both surfaced at about the same time, only about 20 feet apart. But even with our lights there was no finding each other at that distance. We’ve agreed that we’ll stay side by side going forward to be able to instantly tell if there’s something going on.

Another good dive for sea life at the park. The lingcod are just sooo huge there it’s hard to get used to. I haven’t seen one of the cabezon I’m told nest there, but hopefully soon.  In addition to the usual residents we saw a hermit crab, a three inch frosted nudibranch and two little opalescent nudibranch. I had to pick one of those little guys up to show my husband because he really couldn’t figure out where to look to see it. I need to get a stick or something to point out all the awesome stuff I see.

A couple of funny notes – in the seaweed beds I spotted a shrimp/crab that I didn’t get a really good look at. It was simultaneously hiding and trying to fight me as I swam by, sticking out its claws and snapping them in my direction. It was pretty aggressive in protecting its tiny hiding spot. Also, I’m pretty sure that what I thought was a Dalls nudibranch was actually either a sea cucumber or an anemone of some sort. I got a much better look this time around and it was definitely spiny/feathery edges but attached to a stalk from the sea bottom. Whoops. Soon I’m going to start toting around a camera so I can get images to share and identify when I’m back on land. Hopefully that will reduce the misidentifications.


  • drysuit
  • steel short tank
  • heavy duty neoprene hood and gloves
  • Apollo split fins
  • 26 pounds (4 on the back)
  • Ziegler Ranger BC
  • molded mouthpiece (still loving it)
  • tights, polypropylene socks, wool socks and polypropylene pants
  • 2 layers of polypropylene shirts, my heated shirt (which I never turned on), long sleeve tshirt
  • flannel undergarment

Dive 1

  • 55F
  • Max depth: 32 feet
  • 38 minutes
  • A million hours of swim time to and from the site
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Tags: scuba
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