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(no subject)

I'm so sick of the phrase "soccer mom", I could just hit someone. It's come to signify parents who drive suburbans and have no clue other than where they need to drag their kid/carpool off to next.

The reason that this makes me so mad is twofold. This term is used to justify some rather appalling behavior, and my Mom was a soccer mom way before they used the term. How can they make the soccer community culpable for these acts? What about basketball or baseball? I've found that the soccer community is one of the most active and thoughtful organizations out there. They bring a sense of community and caring.

I guess I've just never seen bad behavior at a soccer game like I have at Little League...

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I have a guess - it's because soccermoms have those nifty soccer decals/magnets on their SUVs. :) Seriously, I see those soccer balls EVERYWHERE. But I've never seen a baseball/football/etc. decal. I'm just sayin'. :)

Oh fine. MOCK me. :P

I just noticed that the Senate used that as an excuse for not passing the fuel economy bill. How is it a good thing that people have to buy more gas?

If they really wanted us to cut back on gas and scream for more fuel-efficient cars, they'd put a higher tax on gas. :) Me, I want us to buy ALL the gas. If we use it al up, They will be forced to find a cheaper, cleaner alternative. Until then lobby money will just delay that sort of thing. I'm a pessimistic realist when it comes to oil.

But even with the higher gas prices, people whined for a while then went back to their old habits. :P

At least I drive a fuel efficient car and try to carpool when possible. I hope I get to ride my motorcycle to work. Now *that's* fuel efficiency. :)

When I can afford another motorcycle I'll be doing that a lot. And happily, my light pickup gets 28 mpg. I'm too cheap to get anything more than a 4-cylinder.

I can't imagine what you'd need all that power for. It's not like people offroad anymore. Those curbs must be pretty intimidating....

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