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Chicken condo

The chicks are big enough now that we had to move them to a bigger brooder. Most of the sites for backyard chicken folks talk about how you should “let the chicks tell you what they need.” I hat phrases like that. If I knew what they needed, I wouldn’t be looking for an answer. 

Anyway, I’ve picked up enough frombits here and there to know that bored chicks are destructive.1 So when they started picking on each other and the smell from the bedding became noticeable we knew they needed a bigger space before we could put them outside. So here they are in their new brooder. I think of this enormous structure as the condo. It’s 3×6 so they have plenty of room to run and start their pathetic attempts to fly. 

The new chick condo
Lulu spies on the source of the noise

  1. There are some claims out there that chickens are as smart as human toddlers. I’m not sure I actually believe that. []
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