savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Sleeping rituals

So it turns out that chickens have to learn to be chickens. Somehow I’d thought that coops and runs were designed with some sense of their natural instincts in mind, but no. At least they’re smart enough to hide under the coop to get out of the rain.

After moving them out to the coop I spent each night catching chickens and putting them into the coop to sleep. For the first couple of nights, the chickens tried to escape after being placed in the coop. They really wanted to pile up on each other in one corner of the run instead of being in the coop. I’m at a loss as to how they picked this one corner to use for their chicken pile and why they wanted to be so close that they were literally on top of one another.

Anyway, catching and putting chickens in a coop is a weird night time routine. Especially so when the coop is so dark that the chickens don’t move after being placed inside and so end up fighting because my arms are only so long so each chicken gets put down in basically the same place inside the coop.

Then Friday a breakthrough – 7 of the chickens voluntarily went up into the coop at night. And by Saturday, they were all putting themselves to bed at night. Closing up the coop is so easy now!

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Tags: rural life
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