savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Conservation of resources

It’s been a long, wet winter/spring. As much rain as we’re getting right now, I expect that it will end eventually. And that end will probably be at the most inconvenient time possible for my garden.

Of course, as soon as the sun hits I’ll be thrilled and enjoying every minute of it, as will whatever plants I manage to get into the ground. But with the way the snow has fallen, and mostly disappeared from the mountains, I fully expect that we will have at least a short period of drought over the summer, possibly accompanied by water rationing.

Oh how I wish I had put the cistern in last summer. I’d meant to put in a giant rain barrel to save all of this water that rolls off the roof and into the ground. The neighbors property is hit by all of this water, and they’ve had minor floods as a result. I’m sure they wouldn’t be sad at all if we kept a little of the daily rains here for watering the veggies.

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Tags: naturescaping
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