savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Practically free ranging

Winter is on its way here in the Pacific Northwest, and with it days with 10 hours of sunlight. As our first winter with chickens is coming up, I’ve been concerned about their propensity toward picking at each other when confined. Now that we’re letting them into the fenced yard unsupervised finding a way to let them out of the run and into the yard after the sun is up required some creativity. Fortunately there’s a solar triggered door for farm birds. Hopefully this means they’ll be poking around in the yard well after the raccoons are asleep (or at least more worried about people coming by).

Got the door installed Saturday and Sunday morning the birds had already figured it out. They’re in and out when they want to be which is perfect, now we just have to open and close the coop manually after checking that they’re alone.

A gateway in the people door for chickens
A portcullis like opening for chickens
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Tags: rural life
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