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Underfoot and in the house

It was a very exciting weekend. After rescuing a bunny Loki brought inside the weekend before, I’d hoped to have a bit of time before the next big rodent present. Unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky and he brought in a live brown rat on Saturday. The bunny was actually easier to catch and get rid of, and the confirmation of rats near the house isn’t great. The good news is that rats and cats in the house are obvious and unlikely to be literally underfoot.

This chicken desperately needs a name; shouting “bird” repeatedly when it’s doing something bizarre is getting weird and confusing for everyone. You can see its inability to tell that it is not human in the pleading to be let in the door.

Chicken attempting sad and evil eyes simultaneously
Chicken attempting sad and evil eyes simultaneously


Aaaand here is the sneaky bird after announcing that she’d found the door open enough to sneak into the mud room. Next project will be to get a screen door on so that there are fewer incursions into the house.

Chicken in the mud room, exploring like she owns it
Chicken in the mud room, exploring like she owns it


This bird followed me around all Sunday afternoon as I worked in the yard. It hopped onto the nesting boxes as I pulled out eggs, even jumped in the compost bin as I filled it up with stuff. This is bird is my shadow – so closely that when I stepped back After dumping weeds into the compost bin I actually partially stepped on on it. Poor thing let out a big squak to let me know I’d stepped on it, but I’m sure it didn’t learn the lesson.

So, suggestions on a name? “Shadow” is a bit too on the nose to stick.

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