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Chickens about town

While on vacation, Evel Knievel decided to go broody. She’s a Golden Lace Wyandotte and this was one of the reasons I’d been concerned about getting the breed. But she’s also a weirdly adventurous chicken so her antics make up for the day of broodiness. Fortunately our coop also airs out well and bringing down her temparute ended the broody behavior quickly. I’d never actually seen a broody chicken before, so I grabbed the husband and we recorded it.

One thing you’ll notice in the video is that the chickens are no longer confined to the tractor. We found that the chicken tractor actually started some picking behavior if we weren’t moving it every hour and the chickens would get overheated or knock down their water. It was just more work than its worth. So now, in spite of the fact that I’m slowly naming these darn birds, we’re resigned to the inevitability of losing some to predators. The goal now is to avoid making it too easy for them or attract them in great numbers. We’ll see what winter brings though.

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